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My Near-Encounter with Boko Haram Insurgents [True Story]



Adeeko Ademola

So, last week, I experienced firsthand, exactly what it is like to live in the Northeast region of Nigeria.

That place is a perpetual war zone and worst still, the fighting can begin at any time without prior warning.

A thread on my encounter with the horror of Boko Haram.My final destination was Potiskum – an insurgency ravaged town. The plan was to witness and cover the commissioning of public structures previously destroyed by Boko Haram fighters. The projects were reconstructed by @VSFNigeria as part of its duty to rebuilf the Northeast.

To get to Potiskum by air, you’ll have to fly to Maiduguri airport in Borno and then proceed to Potiskum via Damaturu, & a few other towns in Yobe state.

The roads are fair but heavily guarded as military bases, trenches and checkpoints were scattered everywhere.

Real warzone!

Almost every corner in Damaturu had at least 2 armed soldiers. The security around the government house is always on high alert.

If you visit Yobe state, seeing that much guns could make you feel safe but it also meant, there’s a high level of insecurity in the neighbourhood.Fast forward. We wrapped up the event in Potiskum, headed to Damaturu to get some sleep, then head back to catch our flight in Maiduguri next day.

Back in my hotel, I felt; “Well nothing bad happened despite the perception of this place, so nothing can happen.”

I was wrong!

Just a few minutes after leaving Damaturu towards Maiduguri, we saw vehicles facing one-way, horns blaring, headlamps flashing, hands waving.

Vehicles in from of us started making immediate U-turns. Oh shit! The worst has happened.

Immediately, we parked and turned around.

I was confused AF. I asked people in the bus what was happening.

They just casually told me that Boko Haram had taken over the road & it’s possible they’re marching towards Damaturu.

LMFAOOoo, I wan mad. Na Boko Haram dis people de refer to like say na Fadeyi Boys de fight?????Me: “Excuse me, what’s happening? Why are people turning around?”

It was as if my ears were paining me when they said it is possible that they’re marching towards Damaturu.

I asked where we were. They said Damaturu.

Waaaaait!!! Na here dem go pass??? Dem say yes!!!

Haaaa! KNDFY!!! … I jumped down from the bus! 😂😂😂😂I sha stood close to the Mopols that were with us. So, we started discussing alternatives.

What do we do?
Is there another road?
Should we just go back to Damaturu?
Should we reschedule our flight?
Should we go and pass Jigawa?

Can’t explain how I was feeling.


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